6 Radical Decisions: How Christ Followers change the world

This week we start a new  series at Citywide entitled “6 Radical Decisions: How Christ Followers change the world”.  Pastor Matt will lead us we go through the series based on his book.

Matt says, “Through the journey of writing the book I found that whenever the Christian church has been at its best (and let’s face it, that’s not always true), there were six things that were true. As I thought about my own life, those six things were also true at the moments when the ministry I was part of was most alive and effective.”

Please join us at either our Lenah Valley or Mornington campus this Sunday as we commence this exciting series with the subject “The person who changes everything”.

If you’re interested in reading more about this series, head over to Amazon to get a copy of the ebook, available FREE for the next 4 days.