Established in 2010, the Hobart Nepali Church is the only congregation of Nepalese people in the Hobart, where Nepalese believers can practice their Christian faith on their native Nepali language. By practicing their faith in their own native language this church is not only promoting Nepalese cultural life but equally preserving Nepali language for next generation as well.

We are dedicated to reach our Nepalese brothers and sisters to hear their story and the challenges they are facing in across Hobart, and the whole of Tasmania, so that we can make a difference in their life.  Our church sees that making a difference in peoples lives and contributing to people and the community  is a way of reflecting Christ love and displaying his light through good work so that people see it and give praise to God.

Hobart Nepali church has been running community work for more details and updates see our website and Facebook page.

What is your address/location?
2 Pottery Road, Lenah Valley

Can I park?
The church building is in a quiet residential street with plenty of parking available along the roadside

What time should I arrive?
Our service starts at 1pm, but we encourage people to here at least 5 to 10 minutes before the start time so you have time to get settled.